Driving Safety Tips For Seniors

With a driver’s license, you have freedom, independence, and an incredible feeling that the world is yours. While this is true especially when someone first gets their license, the reality is, as people age, particularly around the age of 65, there are some special considerations to make when operating a vehicle.

As people get older, there are various mental and physical changes that happen that will impair the individual’s ability to drive safely. The first question seniors – or their caregivers – need to ask is, is the senior physically fit to operate a vehicle?


  • Are they strong enough – driving requires muscular strength in turning the steering wheel, etc.
  • Is their vision impaired – seniors often fight poor vision, be sure that their glasses prescription is updated.
  • Do they have a history of fainting – people with a history of fainting are 2x more likely to cause an accident – and most people that faint are over 70 years old.
  • Does the senior suffer from a heart condition – a heart condition can cause fainting.
  • Does the senior have any memory issues or signs of dementia?
  • Is the senior taking any medications that might give them blurred vision, or cause drowsiness?

Other situations that might cause a senior to take pause and leave the driving to someone else include the time of year or time of day – some seniors are not comfortable driving in wintery, dark or rainy conditions. And the volume of traffic, some seniors might not feel at ease driving with rush hour traffic.

Safety Tips

  • Always wear your seatbelt.
  • Never use your cell phone to text or call (consider installing a blue tooth device that will allow you to make calls by pressing one radio button if you think it’s necessary).
  • Keep the radio at a normal level so you can hear emergency vehicles and car horns.
  • Have your route planned out so you know, in advance, how to get where you are going.

Always Best Care has been a trusted senior care provider for the past 20 years. Assisting over 25,000 seniors during that time, they have built a solid and well-respected reputation. Seniors living in the Princeton area, who are interested in in-home senior care in Princeton or in finding out more about the credentials of their in-home caregivers in Princeton, are invited to call the Always Best Care Princeton location at 609-455-2886 to set up a free care consultation.


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